Thursday, January 11, 2018

What do I want to get from this class (T INST 475)?

Although I never had an intention to be an entrepreneur or starting my own business, I still wanted to take this class to explore this career path that many people have often found it successful enough to pursue. Another reason why I chose this class is because it focuses on entrepreneurship opportunities through the tech industry. As a student in the field, I’d like to learn about how and when to take advantage of certain types of emerging technology, so that I can make better career path choice with better chance of success. I’d like to learn about the process of running a business: dealing with taxes, legal obligations, marketing, expanding business, etc. Although it is very unlikely that I’d need or use these skills, I’d still like to know them to better prepare my portfolio, to deal with situations in future work, and maintain professional life. Knowing the process of running a business does not only benefit the business owner, it can also benefit those who work in the business, in terms of legal means and/or practical work; thus, one of my reasons for taking this class. As mentioned in the very first lecture, to be an entrepreneur, you always want partnership, evaluate potential partners, and choose those that fit with your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. I’d like to learn to work in group better. Developing a business plan with other people throughout this quarter will be a good opportunity for me to further learn and refine the needed skills to work in team, toward a common goal, and in a real-world scenario.